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On Misrepresenting Lloyd Morgan's Canon

Dewsbury, Donald A. (2002) On Misrepresenting Lloyd Morgan's Canon.

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In a recent, quite useful, contribution, Roger Thomas lamented the misrepresentation of Lloyd Morgan's canon. I agree with much of what Dr. Thomas wrote but we disagree with regard to the language used in discussing the canon. Difficulties arise regarding the concepts of "simple" versus "complex," "related" versus "unrelated," and "misrepresentation." Disagreements concerning language should not be allowed to retard achievement of a better general understanding of Morgan's canon.

Commentary on:Thomas, Roger K. (2001) Lloyd Morgan's Canon: A History of Misrepresentation.
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Keywords:animal behavior, anthropomorphism, comparative psychology, Lloyd Morgan, Occam's razor, simplicity
Subjects:Chronology > 20th Century
Geography > Europe
History > Intellectual
Psychology > Animal/Comparative/Ethology
Psychology > Cognition
Psychology > Evolution
Psychology > Methodology
Theory > Epistemology
Theory > Philosophy of Science
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Deposited On:30 January 2002

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