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Reply to Dewsbury on "On Misrepresenting Lloyd Morgan's Canon: Comment on Thomas"

Thomas, Roger K. (2002) Reply to Dewsbury on "On Misrepresenting Lloyd Morgan's Canon: Comment on Thomas".

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Contrary to Dewsbury's (2002) contention, our differences are more than linguistic. Dewsbury persists in confounding his interpretation of Morgan's canon with Morgan's intentions regarding the canon, and he seems to insist that he is justified in doing so. As far as interpretations of Morgan's canon that differ from Morgan's intentions or applying any version of Morgan's canon today other than the way Morgan intended, my differences with Dewsbury run as deep. Our differences are deep as our different beliefs regarding the validity of simplicity as a criterion for choosing between explanations or between psychological processes. He does not seem to question its validity, whereas I am highly skeptical of it (Thomas, 1998, 2001) under all but the most trivial circumstances.

Commentary on:Thomas, Roger K. (2001) Lloyd Morgan's Canon: A History of Misrepresentation.
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Keywords:animal behavior, anthropomorphism, comparative psychology, Lloyd Morgan, Occam's razor, simplicity
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