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Digging Archaeology: Sources of Foucault's Historiography

Green, Christopher D. (1994) Digging Archaeology: Sources of Foucault's Historiography.

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This paper is divided into two main parts. In the first I show that Foucault's approach was not, contrary to widespread opinion, particularly Marxist, structuralist, or irrationalist, at least in any straightforward way. In the second, I examine the origins of his early historiography -- the archaeology -- in mainstream French history and philosophy of science. The focus is on the influential works of Gaston Bachelard and Georges Canguilhem. At the end of the paper I briefly comment on the relation between the archaeology and Foucault's later historiographical approach -- the genealogy.

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Keywords:Foucault, structuralism, history, marxism, Nietzsche, archaeology, genealogy
Subjects:Chronology > 20th Century
Geography > Europe
History > Historiography
Psychology > Qualitative Approaches
Theory > Critical Theory
Theory > Marxism
Theory > Postmodernism
Theory > Pragmatism
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