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The Thoroughly Modern Aristotle: An Addendum

Green, Christopher D. (2002) The Thoroughly Modern Aristotle: An Addendum.

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This paper briefly discusses a passage in Metaphysics, Zeta, 11 that some believe show Aristotle to have been a functionalist about the psyche. I argue that, when read in its full context, it does not show this.

Commentary on:Green, Christopher D. (1998) The thoroughly modern Aristotle: Was he really a functionalist?. History of Psychology 1:pp. 8-20.
EPrint Type:Other
Keywords:ancient, Aristotle, greece, cognition, computationalism, functionalism
Subjects:Chronology > Ancient
Geography > Europe
History > Intellectual
Psychology > Cognition
Psychology > Computational
Theory > Materialism
Theory > Philosophy of Mind
ID Code:57
Deposited By:Green, Christopher D.
Deposited On:15 March 2002

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