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Shepherd Ivory Franz (1874-1933)

Thomas, Roger K. (2003) Shepherd Ivory Franz (1874-1933).

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This biographical essay about Shepherd Ivory Franz is divided into the three main professional periods of his life. Beginning with his birth in 1874 until January 1, 1907, the first period of Franz’s life included earning the Ph.D. degree (1899) in experimental psychology at Columbia University under James McKeen Cattell and then accepting positions in physiology at the Harvard and Dartmouth medical schools. During his time at Harvard, Franz began the laboratory research that led to his iconoclastic view that higher-order functions (learning and memory) are not localized in the brain. In 1904, Franz accepted a position at McLean Hospital in Boston which marked the beginning of his development as a clinical neuropsychologist. The second period (1907-1924) of his professional life was the 17 years that Franz worked at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington, D.C. There he continued to contribute in significant ways to the development of clinical neuropsychology. The third period of Franz’s professional life, beginning in summer of 1924 until his death in 1933, was spent in Los Angeles, CA, where he was highly instrumental in the development of UCLA’s graduate studies programs. The essay concludes with an assessment of Franz’s legacy both in clinical and experimental neuropsychology. Among other noteworthy aspects of his legacy, it is strongly suggested that Franz deserves to be recognized as being the first American, if not worldwide, clinical neuropsychologist.

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Keywords:Shepherd Ivory Franz, neuropsychology, clinical neuropsychology, clinical neuropsychologist, neurology, neuroscience, antilocalization of brain function, brain function, St. Elizabeth's Hospital, James McKeen Cattell, Karl S. Lashley, John B. Watson, William A. White
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