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But What Have You Done for Us Lately?: A Correction

Green, Christopher D. (2002) But What Have You Done for Us Lately?: A Correction.

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In a previous article, Green & Vervaeke (1997) noted that Muysken (1988) claimed that Portuguese is VSO language. We have recently been informed by Fernanda Jones, however, that this is incorrect and that Portuguese is "basically" SVO.

Commentary on:Green, Christopher D. and Vervaeke, John (1997) But what have you done for us lately?: Some recent perspectives on linguistic nativism, in Johnson, David Martel and Erneling, Christina E., Eds. The future of the cognitive revolution, chapter 11, pages pp. 149-163. Oxford University Press.
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Keywords:language, creole, pidgin, linguistics, Portuguese, Dutch, cognition, nativism
Subjects:Chronology > 20th Century
Geography > Europe
Geography > South America
Psychology > Cognition
Psychology > Language
Theory > Philosophy of Language
Theory > Philosophy of Mind
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Deposited By:Green, Christopher D.
Deposited On:15 May 2003
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