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Methodologies of critical psychology: Illustrations from the field of racism

Teo, Thomas (1999) Methodologies of critical psychology: Illustrations from the field of racism. Annual Review of Critical Psychology 1.

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It is argued that critical psychology can be discriminated meaningfully into critical theoretical psychology, critical theoretical psychology with a practical emancipatory intention, critical empirical psychology, and critical applied psychology. According to the differentiation of the general methodologies of critical theoretical psychology into deconstruction, reconstruction and construction, the uses of these methodologies in the field of racism are illustrated. Thus, some of Immanuel Kant's anthropological statements are deconstructed as racist. In addition, they are reconstructed as part of Euro-American cultural-historical identity. Finally, a psychologically useful concept of racism is constructed, one that allows for a differentiated application of the term in communicative contexts and one that is formulated in the interests of the oppressed. Traditional racism, neo-racism, diffuse racism, and reactive racism are defined. Some consequences for critical psychology are discussed.

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Keywords:race, racism, Kant, methodology, critical psychology
Subjects:Chronology > 18th Century
Theory > Critical Theory
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Psychology > Race
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