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Developmental psychology and the relevance of a critical metatheoretical reflection

Teo, Thomas (1997) Developmental psychology and the relevance of a critical metatheoretical reflection. Human Development 40(4):pp. 195-210.

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It is argued that developmental psychology can profit by incorporating ideas not only from other sciences but also from recent developments in the philosophies of knowledge. A resulting learning process with possible consequences for research practices is mediated by the self-reflective cognitive processes of developmental psychologists. To demonstrate the conceptual and intellectual possibilities of metatheory, the following three critical families are delineated and their potential for developmental psychology discussed: The German critical-theoretical tradition (Habermas, Holzkamp); the postmodern critique of France (Lyotard, Derrida, Foucault); and the multiple voices criticism of North America (feminism, ethnic minorities). The significance of these approaches is elaborated in terms of problematizations and questions posed to developmental psychology.

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Keywords:Critical theory, epistemology, developmental theory, feminism, metatheory, philosophy of knowledge, postmodernism
Subjects:Theory > Critical Theory
Theory > Postmodernism
Theory > Marxism
Psychology > Child/Developmental
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