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The NSTP (Non – Spatial Thinking Process) Theoretical Unification: The Superultramodern Unification

Joshi, Kedar (2005) The NSTP (Non – Spatial Thinking Process) Theoretical Unification: The Superultramodern Unification , in Superultramodern Science and Philosophy. Red Lead Press, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

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This article attempts to bring out ‘The Superultramodern Unification’. It is basically the idea that the mysterious phenomena underlying most of the most challenging problems in modern / ultramodern science / philosophy are, in fact, multiple aspects of a singular structure, which the NSTP (Non – Spatial Thinking Process) theory (a major component of superultramodern science / philosophy) is the unique theoretical representation of. The NSTP theory thus unifies and demystifies the phenomena, and solves the problems. The first part of this article presents the solutions to two of the problems viz. Zeno’s paradoxes and the problem of quantum non-locality. The second part states the remaining problems. And the third, and the last, part states some other challenging problems, solvable with the NSTP theory, which are not directly connected to the aforementioned structure.

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Keywords:Superultramodern, Unification, Mystery, Phenomena, Challenging, Problems, Modern, Ultramodern, Science, Philosophy, Structure, NSTP Theory, Theoretical, Demystification, Solution, Zeno’s Paradoxes, Quantum Non-Locality, Material, Universe, Thinking, Process, Non-Spatial, Feeling, Computer, Space, Time, Virtual Reality, Master-key, Resolution, Quantum Mechanics, Biology, Mechanical, Wave, Particle, Duality, Electron Jump, Wheeler’s Experiment, Spin Paradox, Polarization Puzzle, Mass-Gap, Yang-Mills Theory, Cell Development, Cell Differentiation, Protein Folding, Relativity, Mass, Telepathy, Premonition, Astrology, Fundamental, Reality, Existence, Nature, God, Schrodinger’s Cat, Mind-Body, Consciousness, Multiple Universes, Possible Worlds, Big Bang, Time Travel, Time Machine, Life, Dream, Origin, I, Self, Basic Forces, Cosmological Constant.
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