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The Metaphysical Semi-Solipsism: The NSTP Theoretical Solipsism

Joshi, Kedar (2005) The Metaphysical Semi-Solipsism: The NSTP Theoretical Solipsism, in Superultramodern Science and Philosophy. Red Lead Press.

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The metaphysical semi-solipsism is a position that within the semi-idealistic framework of the NSTP (Non – Spatial Thinking Process) theory, ‘I’ and ‘the superhuman mind’ are the only material entities that exist. That is, only my NSTP and the superhuman NSTP/s exist. It is called semi-solipsism because unlike pure/conventional solipsism it asserts the existence of mind, i.e. the superhuman mind, other than one’s own. This position is based on the argument that ‘the non-existence of other non-superhuman minds/NSTPs simply makes the universal design simpler, i.e. it makes the superhuman engine less complicated, since the engine needs no additional intelligence/information to create a variety of specific spatial illusions through multiple (non-superhuman) NSTPs’.

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Keywords:Semi-Solipsism, Solipsism, Idealism, Metaphysical, NSTP Theory, Semi-Idealism, Superhuman, Material, Non-Superhuman, Spatial, Illusion, Mind
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