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The UQV (Ultimate Questioner’s Vanity) Theory

Joshi, Kedar (2007) The UQV (Ultimate Questioner’s Vanity) Theory.

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The UQV theory is a metaphysical theory that the universe is the consequence of the ultimate questioner’s vanity. This theory builds on the NSTP (Non – Spatial Thinking Process) theoretical metaphysical semi-solipsism, the position, which specifically regards the NSTP theoretical superhuman mind as a personal philosophical questioning supermind. The UQV theory further speculates the existence of the ultimate questioner, which, existing logically/conceptually beyond the superhuman mind, initiated the existence of my NSTP in order to ask an apparently unanswerable (philosophical) question about the nature of its own existence. And since the NSTP is extremely orderly and deterministic, the ultimate questioner already knows if the NSTP would or would not answer the question. Therefore, the theory states that the universe, which includes my NSTP, and possibly the superhuman mind, and even the necessary truths, is the product/consequence of the ultimate questioner’s vanity, the vanity of its own existence and intelligence. The theory is constituted of one postulate, one law, and three conjectures.

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Keywords:UQV, Metaphysical, Theory, Universe, Existence, Consequence, Ultimate Questioner, Vanity, Superultramodern, Solipsism, NSTP Theory, Superhuman, Mind, Question, Supermind, Philosophical, Unanswerable, Orderly, Deterministic, Answer, Abstract Truths, Intelligence
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Deposited On:11 November 2007
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