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Jackson, John (2000) . “The Triumph of the Segregationists? A Historiographical Inquiry Into Psychology and the Brown Litigation.”. History of Psychology 3:pp. 239-261.

Jackson, John (1998) Creating a Consensus: Psychologists, the Supreme Court, and School. Journal of Social Issues 54:pp. 143-177.

Jackson, John (2004) ’Racially Stuffed Shirts and Other Enemies of Mankind’: Horace Mann Bond’s Parody of Segregationist Psychology in the 1950s, in Winston, Andrew, Eds. A Measure of Difference: Historical Perspectives on Psychology, Race, and Racism, pages pp. 261-283. American Psychological Association.

Jackson, John (2000) Blind Law and Powerless Science: The American Jewish Congress, the NAACP, and the Scientific Case against Discrimination, 1945-1950. Isis 91:pp. 89-116.

Jackson, John (2000) Bibliography of all articles in Isis and Osiris on the History of Human Science, 1970-1998 .