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Subject: Hermeneutics

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Teo, Thomas (1999) Functions of knowledge in psychology. New Ideas in Psychology 17(1):pp. 1-15.

Teo, Thomas (2001) Karl Marx and Wilhelm Dilthey on the socio-historical conceptualization of the mind, in Green, Christopher and Shore, Marlene and Teo, Thomas, Eds. The transformation of psychology: Influences of 19th-century philosophy, technology and natural science, pages pp. 195-218. American Psychological Association.

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Christopher, Dr. John C. and Richardson, Dr. Frank C. and Christopher, Dr. Suzanne E. (2003) Philosophical Hermeneutics: A Metatheory to Transcend Dualism and Individualism in Western Psychology . In Proceedings International Congress of the International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychologists, Warsaw, Poland.

Teo, Thomas (2003) Wilhelm Dilthey (1833-1911) and Eduard Spranger (1882-1963) on the developing person . Humanistic Psychology 31(1).

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