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Subject: Phenomenology

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Van Hezewijk, René and Stam, Henderikus and Panhuysen, Geert (2001) EXISTENTIAL QUESTIONS: No, one or two Utrecht Schools?. In Proceedings 20th Conference of the European Society for the History of the Human Sciences, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Hersch MA, MD, FRCP(C), Dr. Edwin L. (2001) Making Our Philosophical Unconscious More Conscious: A Method of Exploring the Philosophical Basis of Psychological Theory . Canadian Journal of Psychoanalysis / Revue Canadienne de Psychoanalyse 9(2):pp. 165-186.

Kugelmann, Robert (1993) Phenomenology of the past: Pain and illness in the 12th Century. Methods: A Journal for the Human Sciences Annual:pp. 31-48.

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