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Year: 1997

Number of records: 5.

Fancher, Raymond E. (1997) Biography Terminable and Interminable: On Writing a Life of Francis Galton.

Green, Christopher D. and Vervaeke, John (1997) But what have you done for us lately?: Some recent perspectives on linguistic nativism, in Johnson, David Martel and Erneling, Christina E., Eds. The future of the cognitive revolution, chapter 11, pages pp. 149-163. Oxford University Press.

Teo, Thomas (1997) Developmental psychology and the relevance of a critical metatheoretical reflection. Human Development 40(4):pp. 195-210.

Fancher, Raymond E. (1997) Freud, Theorist of Complexity. In Proceedings Annual Meeting of the American Psychological Association, Chicago.

Nicholson, Ian A.M. (1997) The politics of scientific social reform, 1936-1960: Goodwin Watson and the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues. Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences 33:pp. 39-60.

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