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Year: 1998

Number of records: 8.

Jackson, John (1998) Creating a Consensus: Psychologists, the Supreme Court, and School. Journal of Social Issues 54:pp. 143-177.

Nitzan, Jonathan (1998) Differential Accumulation: Toward a New Political Economy of Capital. Review of International Political Economy 5(2):pp. 169-216.

Nicholson, Ian A.M. (1998) Gordon Allport, character, and the culture of personality, 1897-1937. History of Psychology 1(1):pp. 52-68.

Thomas, Nigel J. T. (1998) Imagination, Eliminativism, and the Pre-History of Consciousness. In Proceedings Toward a Science of Consciousness (Tucson III), Tucson, AZ.

Teo, Thomas (1998) Klaus Holzkamp and the rise and decline of German Critical Psychology. History of Psychology 1(3):pp. 235-253.

Teo, Thomas (1998) Prolegomenon to a contemporary psychology of liberation. Theory and Psychology 8(4):pp. 527-547.

Groff, Philip and McRae, Laura (1998) The Nature-Nurture Debate in Thirteenth-Century France. In Proceedings The Annual Meeting of the American Psychological Association, Chicago.

Green, Christopher D. (1998) The thoroughly modern Aristotle: Was he really a functionalist?. History of Psychology 1:pp. 8-20.

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