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Year: 2002

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Green, Christopher D. (2002) Ancient Greek Psychology.

Rutherford, Alexandra (2002) Back to the classroom...and beyond: A comment on Bhatt and Tonks.

Pols, Dr Hans (2002) Between the Laboratory and Life: Child Development Research in Toronto, 1919-1956. History of Psychology 5(2):pp. 135-162.

O'Kelly, Gregory (2002) Biology, Electromagnetism, and the Nervous System.

Green, Christopher D. (2002) But What Have You Done for Us Lately?: A Correction.

Blass, Thomas (2002) Comment on Kleinfeld's "Could it be a big world after all?".

Black, Stephen (2002) Comment on Roger Thomas' "Lloyd Morgan's Canon: A History of Misrepresentation".

Wozniak, Robert H. (2002) Comment on Roger Thomas' "Lloyd Morgan's Canon: A History of Misrepresentation".

Kleinfeld, Judith S. (2002) Could it be a big world after all? The "six degrees of spearation" myth. Society.

Teo, Thomas (2002) Friedrich Albert Lange on neo-Kantianism, socialist Darwinism, and a psychology without a soul. Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences 38:pp. 285-301.

Kleinfeld, Judith S. (2002) I have no dog in this fight: Reply to Blass' comment on "Could it be a big world after all?".

Friendly, Michael and Denis, Daniel J. (2002) Milestones in the History of Thematic Cartography, Statistical Graphics, and Data Visualization.

Vaknin, Sam (2002) Narcissism Book of Quotes.

Dewsbury, Donald A. (2002) On Misrepresenting Lloyd Morgan's Canon.

Thomas, Roger K. (2002) Reply to Black and Wozniak on "Lloyd Morgan's Canon: A History of Misrepresentation".

Thomas, Roger K. (2002) Reply to Dewsbury on "On Misrepresenting Lloyd Morgan's Canon: Comment on Thomas".

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Fancher, Raymond E. (2002) The Neurological Origins of Psychoanalysis.

Green, Christopher D. (2002) The Thoroughly Modern Aristotle: An Addendum.

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Green, Christopher D. (2002) Toronto's "Other" Original APA Member: James Gibson Hume. Canadian Psychology 43(1):pp. 35-45.

Green, Christopher D. (2002) Was Babbage's Analytical Engine an Instrument of Psychological Research?. In Proceedings Instrumentalisation in Psychological Research, Berlin.

Bhatt, Gira and Tonks, Randal G. (2002) What lies in the future of teaching the history of psychology?. History and Philosophy of Psychology Bulletin 14(1):pp. 2-9.

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