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Year: 2003

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Green, Christopher D. (2003) An academy in crisis: The hiring of James Mark Baldwin and James Gibson Hume at the University of Toronto in 1889. (video documentary, 40 min.).

O'Kelly, Gregory (2003) Biology, Electromagnetism, and the Nervous System.

Silverman, Irwin (2003) Confessions of a closet sociobiologist: Personal perspectives on the Darwinian movement in psychology. Evolutionary Psychology 1:pp. 1-9.

Dewsbury, Dr. Donald A. (2003) Conflicting Approaches: Operant Psychology Arrives at a Primate Laboratory . The Behavior Analyst 26:pp. 253-265.

Lipsitt, Lewis P. (2003) Crib Death: A Biobehavioral Phenomenon?. Current Directions in Psychological Science 12(5):pp. 164-170.

O'Kelly, Gregory (2003) Electrochemistry and Neuroscience.

Vaknin, Sam (2003) Malignant Self Love - Narcissism Revisited, in Rangelovska, Lidija, Eds. Malignant Self Love - Narcissism Revisited. Narcissus Publications.

Christopher, Dr. John C. and Richardson, Dr. Frank C. and Christopher, Dr. Suzanne E. (2003) Philosophical Hermeneutics: A Metatheory to Transcend Dualism and Individualism in Western Psychology . In Proceedings International Congress of the International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychologists, Warsaw, Poland.

Christopher D., Green (2003) Psychology strikes out: Coleman R. Griffith and the Chicago Cubs.. History of Psychology 6:pp. 267-283.

Blaha, Stephen (2003) Reconstructing Prehistoric Civilizations in a New Theory of Civilizations. Comparative Civilizations Review.

Thomas, Roger K. (2003) Shepherd Ivory Franz (1874-1933).

Rutherford, Dr. Alexandra (2003) Skinner Boxes for Psychotics: Operant Conditioning at Metropolitan State Hospital . The Behavior Analyst 26.

Wallace, Wes (2003) The vibrating nerve impulse in Newton, Willis and Gassendi: First steps in a mechanical theory of communication. Brain and Cognition 51(1):pp. 66-94.

Christopher D., Green (2003) Where did the ventricular localization of mental faculties come from?. Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences 39:pp. 131-142.

Teo, Thomas (2003) Wilhelm Dilthey (1833-1911) and Eduard Spranger (1882-1963) on the developing person . Humanistic Psychology 31(1).

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