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Year: 2004

Number of records: 7.

Jackson, John (2004) ’Racially Stuffed Shirts and Other Enemies of Mankind’: Horace Mann Bond’s Parody of Segregationist Psychology in the 1950s, in Winston, Andrew, Eds. A Measure of Difference: Historical Perspectives on Psychology, Race, and Racism, pages pp. 261-283. American Psychological Association.

Thomas, Ph.D. Roger K. (2004) Crawford W. Long’s Discovery of Anesthetic Ether: Mesmerism, Delayed Publication, and the Historical Record . In Proceedings Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology, Atlanta, GA, USA.

Eileen, Whipple (2004) Data for "Eminence Revisited," an article by Eileen Whipple that appeared in HISTORY OF PSYCHOLOGY, vol. 7, no. 3, August 2004..

Aveleira, J (2004) Let It Be - How many pieces are there in a bit of reality? . In The C. G. Jung Page, Don Williams.

Routh, Donald K. (2004) The Challenges of Writing a History of International Clinical Psychology. In Proceedings International Society of Clinical Psychology, Beijing.

Bedeian, Arthur G. (2004) The gift of professional maturity. Academy of Management Learning and Education 3(1):pp. 92-98.

Teo, Thomas (2004) The historical problematization of "mixed race" in psychological and human-scientific discourses. , in Winston, Andrew, Eds. Defining difference: Race and racism in the history of psychology, pages pp. 79-108. American Psychological Association.

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